Just think, you can stand side by side at the beginning of a trip with a compass in hand and find that you will end a thousand miles apart. Just one degree off on your moral compass can bring you places you never expected to end up. While here in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Robert Schuller and I had lunch in the Namsam-Seoul Tower, where we enjoyed traditional Korean cuisine and a spectacular view of Seoul. The tower measures 777 feet from the base and tops at 1,574 feet above sea level. As we walked the tower’s circumference, we noticed a location in the world on each windowpane. We came to one windowpane that had the distance from Seoul to Los Angeles as 5,956 miles away. And just one degree to the right was listed the distance to Washington, DC to be 6,945 miles away. Here we are, standing side by side at the beginning of a journey, but just turning one degree from each other, we will end up on the opposite coasts of the United States, an actual 2,308 miles apart!

In today’s world, what’s needed is a compass, a moral compass. This moral compass is already in many of our homes, and that is the Bible. A compass is a magnetic needle swinging freely and pointing to the magnetic north. The Bible is a compass with the magnetic Word pointing to our Lord and Savior. The problem is that if one does not get into the Word daily, one can be far off course very quickly. Moral direction speaks to one’s honesty and integrity. It sets a system that states what is right and what is wrong. We must stop looking to our government for direction. We need to stop allowing our schools to remove the Godly principles that made this country blessed and respected worldwide. As I travel the world, I do not find the esteem and awe of hope and integrity that once was the voice many heard worldwide. America removed the precious moral compass from our schools and public buildings, and as a result, our families are falling apart; the definition of family has been flipped out of whack, and the line between right and wrong has been so colluded that any form of moral judgment has diminished to reality shows that promote unethical and ungodly lives.

As individuals, we need to get back to the Word of God and get back on course. Our home, communities, and country will never be restored. This compass – for moral direction must be put back into our hands and absorbed into our minds and hearts. Get the Word, get back into the Word today!!

A map provides description, but the compass provides more vision and direction. An accurate map is a good management tool, but a compass is a leadership and an empowerment tool. People who have been using maps for many years to find their way and maintain a sense of perspective and direction should realize that their maps may need to be more useful in the current maze and wilderness of management. I recommend you exchange your map for a compass and train yourself and your people to navigate by a compass calibrated to a set of fixed, true north principles and natural laws.