Picking Up The Pieces After The Fall

Dr. Murray delves into the inevitability of human failure and its profound impacts on private and public life. Drawing from personal experiences and scriptural accounts, Dr. Murray underscores the idea that true potential for success often emerges from our most profound setbacks. This narrative not only recounts one man’s journey from failure to redemption but also illuminates Biblical leaders’ pathways from missteps to wisdom. More than a self-help guide, “Broken” is a spiritual exploration of why God allows failures, emphasizing their transformative potential. By intertwining actionable advice with Biblical teachings, Dr. Murray provides a blueprint for those seeking restoration, highlighting the critical role of personal integrity and the essence of leadership in this process. At its heart, the book serves as a potent reminder that failure is not the end but a stepping stone to tremendous success, aligning with God’s grander plan for those who love Him.

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New York Times Best Seller

Have you ever felt like you want to hit the restart button of your life? Have you ever done something that you are ashamed of and will do anything to keep it covered up? Have or do you feel like you are living a lie and pray that it will never come to light? If your life were an open book, who would be hurt, which morals would be stretched or what broken laws would be revealed?

Operating in the shadows of secrets is a debilitating, life strangling, and joy squelching way to exist. This is not the way God wants you or me or anyone to live. God wants us to live in the light of truth, to experience the grace of his forgiveness, and to drink from his cup so that we will never thirst again.  He wants us to enjoy an abundant life.

This will only happen when we become cleansed from our past mistakes and step out of the shadows and into the light. In order for us to be able to do this there are certain steps we need to take. It is not easy. It is painful. There are prices to be paid and changes to be made but in the end it is worth every penny and every tear that it costs. Living in darkness leads to death. Living in the light leads to life. Dr. Paul Murray will show you the secrets of how to leave the dark life and enter the marvelous light of Christ.

Dr. Paul Murray and I have been friends for many years. I met him through the Global Peace Foundation in 2008 in Brasília, Brazil. While attending the GPF conference I met many people who I have grown to love and admire over the years. Paul is at the top of that list. His open and honest spirit is heart warming and endearing. I have watched him raise a family, grind his way through a doctoral program at Howard University, pastor a church, lead and grow the Coalition for American Renewal, travel around the world for international peace, and now, he has written this book.

The miracle of Broken is evident in the way the Holy Spirit has guided Dr. Murray to write in a manner that draws the shattered lives of the fallen into the mighty presence of God. This book explains why I love and admire Paul so much. It explains how he can be so down to earth, real and approachable. He openly shares his failed past and how he got through those deep lonely dark valleys. He explains his own journey and uses it as a roadmap for you.

Nothing is lost throughout these pages: From the call to repentance to the need for accountability; from the promised blessings of God to the gift of a restored life in Christ. As you continue your life path, allow the words that Dr. Murray shares to guide you and light up your life. You will be glad you did. It will make all the difference in the world.

Step out in faith today. The first step is easy. Read the book. The second step will be much more difficult, but not impossible. Just remember always that God loves you just the way you are with all your flaws and failures. He brought you to this book because He wants to help you help yourself. It begins today. It begins now.



Past President, Southern Baptist Convention

Pastor, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

The Bible is full of Believers who have been “Broken” at one time or another. In like manner churches across the world are full with Believers who have been “Broken”. Therefore the question that needs to be addressed is not that we as Believers make mistakes, but what do we do after the mistake is made? Well, your answer is right in your hands. In this powerful and life-changing book “Broken”, my friend, Dr. Paul Murray will help you to get on the pathway of restoration. This book is rooted in Scripture, practical in it’s game plan, and proven in the life of the author. Therefore I challenge each of you to find yourself a comfortable seat, open your heart, begin reading this book, and get RESTORED!!


General Superintendent, Brazilian Assemblies of God

Madureira Ministries, Brasilia, Brazil

You’ll never be the same! Dr. Paul Murray identifies with those who have failed. Broken is the state in which Dr. Murray presents his own history and personal failure and then builds a foundation for restoration through Scripture. I have known Dr. Murray for many years and have traveled the world with him. He has the heart of a servant, always concerned with helping his fellow man. An anointed prophet, his ministry has been a tremendous blessing at our national conventions, Pastoral leadership sessions, and in many of our churches throughout Brazil and the U.S.A. “Broken” illustrates how God is a God of second chances. It is written in a manner that magnifies God. And with the spirit of David, Dr. Murray, ‘A man after God’s own heart,’ explains how you too can make it through. It’s time to pick up the pieces of your broken life!


Civil Rights Icon

Pastor Emeritus, Providence Baptist Church. Atlanta, GA.

No one can escape facing challenging moments in life where seemingly nothing makes any sense. Directions are blocked, visions are blurred, and all hope appears gone. I recommend reading Dr. Murray’s brilliant, yet practical approach on how to regain your spiritual and psychological balance. “Broken” will assist you to affirm who you are and establish what you need to do to become WHOLE again–read “BROKEN”!!!


Director, Doctor of Ministry Department

Howard University, School of Divinity. Washington, DC.

God has a plan for those who fail. If not, the failures of Biblical leaders such as David, Elijah and others would not grace the pages of Scripture. Dr. Paul Murray takes these, and other examples and shows the heart of God for redemption in the matters of everyday life, and sounds a note of hope for those “Broken” by thought, word and deed. In an age where so much of popular theology focuses on “success”, Dr. Murray’s book is a welcome balance to our prosperity culture.


Director, Student Affairs Division

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Lynchburg, VA.

I would highly recommend this book to those who are dealing with failure and for the church as a whole. Broken illustrates the power of God’s grace, the necessity of restoration, and the privilege to aide in such a process. The testimony comes after all the pieces are picked up!


Presiding Prelate, One Way Churches International

Pastor, Reach Out Apostolic Tabernacle. Martinsville, VA.

Written with simplicity and honesty, Broken addresses failure in a practical and transparent manner as Dr. Murray intertwines his personal experience with powerful Biblical illustrations.  This book is made complete with practical steps to guide one down their road to restoration.


General Superintendent, Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ

Pastor, First Apostolic Church, Maryville, TN 

Broken – Hands down- a FIVE star read for ALL leadership!! Dr. Murray’s step-by-step process from a broken ministry to a triumphant life of grace is a must read for all ministers. Understanding Biblical restoration is vital for not only the broken, but the pastor or leader who is counseling the broken. As leader of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have witnessed Dr. Murray’s wise leadership on our general board and highly recommend his practical step-by-step guide to restoration.