We live in a world where everything has turned upside down; what was once considered wrong is now celebrated as correct, and the morally right things are now condemned. I wonder if we are the generation of men who are ready to stand up and make the necessary sacrifices that protect our children, strengthen our family, and bring glory to the Kingdom of God, or are we the generation of men who will sit idly by and wax cold as everything crumbles around us?

The crises in our homes, communities, and world are real, and the challenges are epic. We have seen the pervasiveness of the enemy infiltrate our homes and societies and covertly slip into our churches. We have become saddened, shocked, and even angered as those dear to us have been snatched away by the false promises and bright lights of deception. In these challenging times, God is calling upon men to stand up! We can no longer be on the defense. To win this satanic battle, we must be on the offense.

As men, we are not perfect, but that should not discourage or dissuade us; we must understand how we have been called, anointed, and appointed as protectors and providers of our families, leaders within our churches, and a light in our communities. To defeat the attacks against the family’s institution, protect the unborn, and lift God in the public square, we must stand up and be what our Lord and Savior have called each of us to be – His vessel, His example, His instrument.

The Word of God gives us examples of men of all backgrounds that God used to change a culture and move whole nations to bow before our heavenly father. Consider the great heritage of world changers within our movement. These godly men and women blazoned new trails of revival throughout the 20th century. We are blessed in these present times to have leaders within our midst who are boldly bringing forth the prophetic voice of God. Yet, in such troubling times, we must replace the armor of survival with the weapons of revival. A mighty army must be raised to put the prophetic voice into action, march into the enemy’s camp, and reclaim what has been stolen from us.

Such an effort can only be accomplished if we genuinely seek God’s face, not just God’s favor. Strong character, integrity, and transparency must be at the core of our beings. We need more time to compete with others. Instead, we must be about our Father’s business. And this begins in the home. Too many homes are broken because the most sacred places have been replaced with a 60” television that gives you hundreds of entertainment channels. This holy place competes with computer screens that reveal the dark, immoral areas throughout the internet. Dust must be brushed off the Bible, cushions must be placed back on the floor, and men must fall on their knees before God and build their altar for Him. When we do this and bring our family into this sacred place, we can truly stand up and fight the fight with anointing and victory on our lips.

Just look out your window, and what do you see? Our communities are crippled. The continuous erosion of the family, immoral lifestyles, and the waning of moral influence has numbed the masses. Your prophetic voice must move from your home and into the public square. This is a clarion call for men to stand up and stand on the front lines. To shake, stir up, and re-awaken the Spirit of Christ. As an elected and chosen people, we can build upon the Holy Writ with a Holy Ghost boldness that is needed in this hour.

We cannot continue business as usual, attending church when we feel like it—praying only when a crisis arises in one’s life. Sitting on the pew rather than doing the work of ministry because scripture tells us it will be our undoing.

The only detrimental obstacle facing the church today is us. There was a time when society considered the church the moral agent. Sadly, there is a rising perception that the church is inept, benign, and irrelevant. When people need help today with personal issues, family problems, and moral guidance, they turn to self-help groups, support groups, and the government. Yet, with 86% of Americans claiming to be Christian and profess believing in God,[1] we have little effect on culture, politics, crime, and immorality.

This is the challenge that the apostolic church is facing today. The hope resides in the Truth of God’s Word, and we have been called for such a time as this and called to be the genuine article. We must be Godly role models to our children, church, and communities. We can only transform our homes and communities by standing up, rolling up our sleeves, and demonstrating moral grit and the grace of Christ through our actions and attitudes.

The apostolic church has been positioned for this most critical moment in history. The torch ignited on the Day of Pentecost has been passed down through the ages and fueled by the Holy Ghost’s passion and sacrifice. The flames that burnt brightly during the Azusa Street revivals and brought forth the truth of His Word into the 20th century have recently dimmed to just a flicker. We are called to be the torchbearers for this present day. As evidenced in our lives, we have a responsibility backed up by the anointing to light up this dark world with the Spirit of Christ. Let’s stand up and be the men God has called us to be!

[1] http://b27.cc.trincoll.edu/weblogs/AmericanReligionSurvey-ARIS/reports/ARIS_Report.pdf