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BROKEN: Picking up the Pieces After the Fall.

Everyone experiences failure in some form or fashion through the span of his or her life; it‘s just a natural part of living. Even though failure occurs across a broad spectrum of human dynamics, its result is often manifested in the private areas of one’s life or in the public sphere of society. In this book I illustrate through personal experiences and Scripture how the potential for human success often lies within the kernel of our most extreme failings.

Broken is the story of one man’s failure and how he chose to rise above the circumstances resulting from the disgrace that followed. Using the Bible as a foundation, I identify Biblical leaders who failed and how they were able to gain wisdom through their personal failures. By infusing my own life experiences with constructive steps and Biblical insights for picking up the pieces after the fall. Although Broken incorporates very practical advice – outlining sequential steps in the process of turning failure into success – it is so much more than just a self-help book. Readers are offered a glimpse into eternity and are encouraged to choose the narrow pathway leading to heaven’s door. Aspects of our human frailty are sensitively exposed, helping both those who find themselves judging others, as well as those being judged, to discern a better method of dealing with failure. The path to restoration is clear and well defined in Scripture for those who choose true repentance and a contrite heart before God. I explain why failure does not have to be final and present to you the fascinating insight that what we do in secret are seeds planted in our souls – using our private time to build personal integrity can prevent a mindset which encourages failure.

The focus of Broken includes advice on how to move past your failure, with Biblical examples showing how God’s servants managed this. Replicating the wisdom of these ancients and distilling it into the fast pace of our modern lives, this book sets readers on a path to rebuilding their credibility after having experienced failure. Picking up the broken pieces of a life shattered by failure is not an overnight process. It needs time and a well-constructed plan of action.

Broken presents this plan, incorporating a Biblical perspective for the individual who actively seeks restoration, but which also includes the role of leadership in restoration. Those in positions of leadership will benefit from the wise counsel presented.

The journey of personal transformation offered in this book will reveal to you why God allows human beings to experience failure. Ultimate success is often achieved as a result of overcoming past failures. Those who are able to grasp this simple truth will also understand that using and sharing the wisdom gained through failure might actually be part of God’s plan for your life. Redolent with practical and Biblical themes of encouragement and success, Broken emphasizes the fact that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.