MAKE A DIFFERENCE – My experience as a Be The Match Registry® member and marrow donor.

Can a swab inside one’s mouth make a difference and become the life-saving answer to someone in need?  The answer is an ABSOLUTE yes!  I read an article about Be The Match Registry®  ( and the need for bone marrow donors.  I immediately responded thinking what a simple way to make a difference.  It took just 5 seconds to unwrap the cotton from its packaging and swabbing my mouth.  This was then mailed and I was on the Bone Marrow Registry!  This is the first step in saving someone’s life – that simple.

Almost a year later, I received a call that I was a possible match. This began a path that would save the life of someone else.  After a follow up phone questionnaire, blood work, physical and confirmation that I was a ‘definite’ match, the date was set for the procedure.

All I knew was that a 17-year old boy had leukemia and we were a match. I had marrow taken from my back and it was rushed to this young man who was waiting somewhere in a hospital with his family for this hope and miracle of a healthy life.  The procedure was painless; and the only after-effect was a slight lower back pain and soreness for a couple weeks.  My own bone marrow was replenished and I am living life  – and living it happier knowing that I did make a difference in by saving the life of a 17-year old boy that started with a simple cotton swab!   Watch the video on my home page with me that was put together by Be The Match, then go to and make a difference today!